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Black and white checkerboard - Various sizes - Decal Sheet


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High quality decals for modeling and wargaming. Sheet size: 100 x 70mm - Professional printing - Ultra high definition and white ink printing

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Application Method - Cut the decal with a sharp blade on a hard, flat surface as close to the art as possible. - Let the decal for 1 minute in water or some suitable liquid (Microsol, Decal Softener, etc) - Take it out of the water, and gently separate the printed decal from the paper, using a clean brush. If it doesn't come out smoothly, you probably took it out of the water too early. - Place the decal on the wet surface with the help of a clean brush. Dry excess moisture by squeezing the surface with a blotting paper, very carefully and without dragging. - Try to extract the maximum air between the decal and the surface, both when placing it and when drying it with paper. - You can apply some type of decal fixer after placing it, such as varnishes, or decal fixers.

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