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Includes updated Pitched Battle rules, profiles, points, and 14 double-sided tokens

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Inside this years Pitched Battle Profiles book, you'll find - An introduction to Pitched Battle Profiles and descriptions of the four different types of battlefield role: Artillery, Battleline, Behemoth, and Leader. - Details on how to use allies in Pitched Battles in the 2021 Season - Updated Pitched Battle Profiles for every unit, faction, and Grand Alliance in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as follows: Order: Cities of Sigmar, Daughters of Khaine, Fyreslayers, Idoneth Deepkin, Kharadron Overlords, Lumineth Realm-lords, Seraphon, Stormcast Eternals, and Sylvaneth. Chaos: Beasts of Chaos, Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, Hedonites of Slaanesh, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Skaven, and Slaves to Darkness. Death: Flesh-eater Courts, Nighthaunt, Ossiarch Bonereapers, and Soulblight Gravelords. Destruction: Gloomspite Gitz, Ogor Mawtribes, Orruk Warclans, and Sons of Behemat. - Updated Pitched Battle profiles for the 17 endless spells from Malign Sorcery and Forbidden Power. PLUS: The Generals Handbook 2021 also comes with a card token board, which contains 14 double-sided tokens as follows: - 10x Objective / Prime Objectives - 1x Battle Tactic Token Broken Ranks / Bring It Down! - 1x Battle Tactic Token Aggressive Expansion / Conquer - 1x Battle Tactic Token Slay the Warlord / Monstrous Takeover - 1x Battle Tactic Token Ferocious Advance / Savage Spearhead

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