Some of the products are not in stock. How long will my order take?

Usually, orders are sent within a maximum period of approximately 15 days, except for exceptions such as preorders, out of stock products or reprint, or special cases such as Wargame Exclusive, or Artel W (See below). Ultimately, the exact waiting time for an order will depend exactly on the products in question.

How can I know if the products I want are in stock?

Products that are in stock are marked with a GREEN message that says "In Stock". If the products are indicated with an ORANGE message that says "Available to order", it means that they are not in stock but we can order them from our distributors or directly from the brand.

If a product is missing from my order, can I request that the rest of the articles be sent to me?

Normally we wait for the order to be complete to send it, but in some cases we can make exceptions and send the rest of your order in the first instance, and make a second shipment as soon as the rest of the material is available, at no additional cost.

Can I add products to an order that wasn't shipped yet?

Yes. You can notify us by email or some other ways of contact, indicating exactly which products and in what quantities you want to add. We include them in your order and we tell you how you can make the payment (PayPal or bank transfer)

I want to buy Games Workshop products that are not in stock. How long can it take?

We order from GW every Monday morning, and we usually receive them every Friday morning. That same day your order will be sent. If your order is placed before Monday, the missing products will be ordered that same Monday, if it is placed after Monday, we would have to wait until the following week to receive them. This is approximate, as it can sometimes be advanced or delayed one day.

Right now, Brexit is causing many orders to be irretrievably delayed and orders that previously took a week are taking much longer. (See next point)

How does Brexit affect my orders? (English brands like Warlord Games Victrix, Gripping Beast, Footsore, North Star, etc)

At the moment the situation is quite complicated because of Brexit and Covid, since there are many delays in shipments, but we hope that the situation will normalize little by little and that normal shipping times will soon recover. Right now there are huge delays in every package coming from the UK, so your order will probably have to wait more than usual.

Can I order GW products that do not appear on your website?

Some GW products are not in their commercial store catalog, and many are in and out of the catalog every week. That is why many products that last week could be purchased through our website, today no longer appear, and vice versa.

These products go to the Direct Sales catalog, an exclusive online sale on the GW website. Yes, we can order them, but the conditions of sale are different from the usual ones. These will only have a 5% discount over RRP and they usually take longer than usual to arrive.

I have placed an order with products from the brand (s) Wargame Exclusive / Artel W. What is the lead time?

The waiting times for these two brands are quite high, since they come from outside the European Union, the first from Ukraine, and the second from Russia.

Its manufacturing time is quite high as well, about 20 days, and the shipment is made through Post by ordinary mail, being necessary to go through both the Russian / Ukrainian customs and the Spanish customs, where it can be held until the documentation is checked for several weeks.

In short, the usual waiting time is from 20 days to a month, although the Covid has caused this period to be irretrievably lengthened.

Even so, we always try to ask for many more references and all the news to have in stock, so that your orders do not delay.

I have placed an order for Artis Opus brushes. When will I receive it?

Artis Opus makes some of the best miniature brushes in the world. Unfortunately, the Covid has caused its production to suffer a lot. This has caused our restock delay a lot.

Since the summer they have been telling us that they have a long waiting list of distributors and retailers, and that at the moment they cannot give us an approximate delivery date, although they will try to make it as soon as possible.

We will update you as you give us more information.