Bandua Wargames Terms of Use

Point 1 - Payment methods

Payments can be made bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or cash on delivery (Only for Spain).

-Bank transfer:

The total order will be paid in advance by deposit or transfer to our bank account. Remember that in the concept of income you must indicate the order number. This number will appear in the email with the purchase delivery note.

- Card payment:

This option directs you to Banco Sabadell payment gateway, where you can make the payment in complete safety.

- Cash on delivery (Only for Spain):

In this way you make the payment in cash at the moment the order arrives at your home. This payment method has a surcharge of 5% of the order cost.

- Pay by Paypal:

Buy easily and safely with PayPal. This form of payment has a surcharge of 4% of the order cost.

Point 2 - Returns

We accept returns of our products as long as the following conditions are met:

1. They have been received in poor condition or are defective.

2. 7 days have not passed from the receipt of the product.

3. The product is in its original packaging.

Once the merchandise has been received in our warehouses, and after checking its condition, the amount will be refunded according to the payment method made by the client. shipping costs are not refundable.

To make your return, contact us at:

Point 3 - Discount Bonuses

The discount percentage offered by the discount vouchers is calculated based on the base price, without discount or VAT, and not on the discounted prices, if any.

Point 4 - Shipping and packaging costs

Shipments are made by courier or by post. The final cost of each shipment will depend on the area to be sent, the customer being always informed before completing the purchase process and having all the information at his fingertips before confirming the order

Bandua Wargames can make temporary campaigns that reduce these costs, always keeping the client informed

Point 5 - Products on request

The shipping conditions are maintained except that the delivery times will be from the arrival of the product to the establishment, the maximum delivery time for the client being 3 weeks

Point 6 - Data protection policy

Read the document included in the following link Data protection policy.

Point 7 - Handling and Packaging

Orders placed through PayPal will have a surcharge of 4% on the order price for handling, for packaging and management.

cash on delivery option is available only for Spain and it has a 5% surcharge for management and handling costs

Payments made by transfer or card will be exempt from payment for handling, packaging and management.