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Conquest - Para Bellum
Conquest - Para Bellum

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  • The City States
  • The Dweghom

    The Dweghom are the firstborn children of War and their long history is steeped in warfare and loss

  • The Hundred Kingdoms

    Sheltered by the selfless sacrifices of the last Legion, the refugees that managed to escape the cataclysm of the Fall would survive the Long Winter that followed and, in time, prosper to found one of the largest and most diverse bastions of human civilization on Eä. Today, the Hundred Kingdoms extend from the sheltered Heartlands by the Bitter Sea, all the way to the lands of the Russ, which stretch against the Claustrine Mountains, before one descends into the corruption and darkness spawned by the Fall beyond them.

  • The Nords

    Whereas the Hundred Kingdoms and the City States might claim to be the main bastions of human civilization, one should not assume that this means they are the sole bastions of human might. Far to the north, beyond the monster infested Northern Seas, lies Manheim, home of the Nords. 

  • The Old Dominion
  • The Spires

    Scattered throughout the land as if by the hand of a mad god, the Spires dominate the landscape they stand upon. Rising thousands of feet into the air, they are the source of countless suppositions, tales and myths. The learned know that the Spires house entire populations, the last remnants of a civilization that once dared to span the stars

  • The W'adrhŭn
  • The Sorcerer Kings
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Mostrando 1 - 4 de 4 items