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Sd.Kfz 250 (Alte) Halftrack (Options for 250/1 & 250/9 & 250/11 Versions)


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The Sd.Kfz 250/1 was a reconnaissance and transport half-track mainly used by scout and HQ units.

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This model is based on the original 'Alt' (old) version which served through World War II with the forces of Germany in all theatres as well as with their Romanian allies. There are enough parts to build one of the following versions: Sd.Kfz 250/1 - the standard version of this armoured half-track. Sd.Kfz 250/9 - fully enclosed reconnaissance variant with a turret mounting a 2cm automatic cannon. Sd.kfz 250/11 - platoon commander's half-track with the forward machine gun replaced by a 2.8cm Panzerbüchse 41 squeezebore anti-tank rifle with co-axial machine gun. Includes crew figures with separate heads wearing regular or winter uniforms. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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