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Bauhaus Blitzer


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5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models1x Sturmnlitzer Heavy Machine Gun Team2x Cards5x 30mm bases1x 50mm base

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These few show no fear of death and will take on any foe or any target, no matter what the odds. Their missions push the limits of their abilities and the technology that the engineers of Bauhaus have developed. They are considered by many of the Bauhaus Megacorp as outcasts or oddballs. They are known for not only breaking the unbreakable, but taking on targets other soldiers consider impossible. These specialists endeavor to continually improve their skills in demolitions and knowledge of engineering to find the weak links in various electronic generators, vehicles and structures alike. They have an uncanny sense when it comes to locating beacons, mines or various other generator type devices being deployed by their enemies on the field of battle and then launching a surgical strike to take them out of commission.