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It was in Robert E. Howard's story The Tower of the Elephant that Conan first met the strange, towering, transcosmic creature known as Yogah of Yag, and the Yogah of Yag expansion brings this creature to the Conan board game as a towering, elephant-headed hero with talents in both sorcery and swordplay.

Considerably larger than the heroes from the Core Set, Yogah of Yag enters the game with a whopping twelve energy, a melee attack that rivals even Conan's, and the ability to cast spells. Additionally, this strange hero's abilities recall his appearance in The Tower of the Elephant by allowing him to sacrifice himself for another hero and then strike at his foes from beyond the grave.


1 large-size Yogah of Yag hero miniature
1 Yogah of Yag hero sheet

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