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Daemonic Kingdom Magelord on foot


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It is not known how the Daemonic Magelords are created or where do they come from. Some say that they are twisted mages, who turned to dark and forbidden powers and sold their souls to daemons. Others speak that they are just yet another form of the daemons themselves. One thing is for sure - they spread destruction and chaos on the battlefield and no one wants to risk his life in a fight against them, because losing against a Magelord means not death but eternal slavery for one's soul.

 This model represents one Daemonic Magelord on foot.

This resin set contains:
1. Magelord body
2. Left hand with sword
3. Right hand with shield
4. Right hand with magic book
5. Magelord head
6. Dedicated base

Scale: 28mm

Master model sculpted by Sławek Kościukiewicz.

Model on photo shots painted by Jakub Sosinowicz.