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Eisenkern Valkir Assault Troopers


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28mm (1/56) scale. The Valkir Assault Trooper box set contains everything you need to build five Valkir Assault Troopers. 

The leg sets allow you to customize the look of your units, with or without, tabards or tassets. You choose the look that suits you. 

Shoulder Pads x 5 Sets 
Torso's x 5 
Backpacks x 5 
Trooper Heads x 5 
Optional heads 5 of each (two additional styles) 
Legs x 5 (5 variable poses) 
Assault Shields x 5 
Assault Pistols x 4 
Grenade Launchers x 4 
20 accessory pieces (magazine pouches, grenade rounds) 
30mm Round Bases x 5