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Special designed foam tray for original Warhammer Shadespire Core Box


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RELEASE DATE: 30/03/18

In this foam tray for Warhammer Shadespire you can stow and protect all your game material and the minaitures, too.

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In the 14 slots all dices, cards and tokens find an own place. Furthermore, the mat provides space for the eight miniatures of the Stormcast Eternals as well as the Khonre Bloodhound faction. The 50mm foam tray for Shadespire offers: 2 compartments for power, objective and Fighter cards 3 compartments for objective tokens, Katophrane Artefact token and Shardfall tokens 1 compartment for attack and defence dices 8 compartments for minatures of the Stormcast Eternal and Khorne Bloodhound faction The Feldherr foam tray has the dimensions: 293 mm x 219 mm x 50 mm height. The 50 mm depth of the foam is result from 10 mm foam base and slot foam tray with 40 mm effective depth Made in Germany CFC-free; according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 / Class I - items for babies and toddlers chlorine and acid free Models pictured are for size comparison only. They are the personal property of Feldherr company or employees.

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