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foam tray for Blackstone Fortress: The Dreaded Ambull


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PREORDER. RELEASE DATE: 27.03.2019. With this foam tray the splendid model gets the appropriate protection from us. It offers space for all 3 miniatures - the Ambull together with its brood, the Borewyrm Infestations - and for all the accessories.

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The Ambull lies safely and entirely surrounded by foam in a compartment cut precisely to the miniature. With this not only the fine, sensitive parts, such as the beetles or its considerable jaws, are excellently protected from damage. The colors of the painted miniature also remain unharmed. The Borewyrm Infestations are placed in the two round compartments next to it. And of course there are additional compartments for neat storage of the corresponding game material. A hexagonal compartment accommodates the hex field tiles and the markers. The double-sided Set VII also gets its own compartment. Which leaves us with one compartment for the cards. It is suitable for the Exploration, Encounter and Discovery cards, as well as for the Lair of the Beast envelope. A finger-wide recess makes it easier to remove the cards. The reference cards are placed on top together with the rulebook.

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