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Nuevo ¡Precio rebajado! Flesh of Steel - Nishimura Starter (+cards, tokens and markers packs) Ver más grande

Flesh of Steel - Nishimura Starter (+cards, tokens and markers packs)


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This box contains all you need to start playing Hidrophilia with Nishimura faction

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Purchasing this set you'll receive:6 resin miniatures for basic Syndicate`s characters - 40pts squad (unassembled and unpainted): Tetsui (leader of the squad, not capable to fight by herself, but great in control and debuffing) NX-JK "Jackal" combat droid, Anubis-pattern (armored unit with long-range weapon, capable of HtH too) NX-JK "Jackal" combat droid, Scavenger-pattern (armored unit for short-range combat and HtH) NX-BH "Behemoth" battle bot (Heavy support, AOE-attacks, "Niagara" and "Sakura" patterns available) NXR-KG "Beetle" walking drone (Support or field of battle control unit, "Rhino" and "Fisher" patterns available) NXR-TM "Dragonfly" aerial drone (highly mobile support unit, "Beholder" and "Poacher" patterns available) 9 Character cards (all robots have two different modifications) 6 Leader Tactics Cards for Tetsui 3 Equipment cards to adjust your squad for battle Cardboard ruler with designations of nominal model`s sizes 1x25mm, 3x32mm, 1x60mm and one 32mm flyer bases for miniatures Be effective. Adapt. Control.