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Later Achaemenid Army 420BC-329BC


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The later Persian armies had shifted away for the traditional sparabara infantry in favour of mercenary hoplites or similarly re-armed Guard units until its final defeat under Darius III by Alexander the Great. The numerous cavalry were the mainstay of army using their mobility and numbers to outflank the enemy. Scythed chariots were also employed but were largely ineffective. This boxed set provides you with a 'full option' Later Achaemenid Persian 420BC-329BC DBA army. Contents: 1 Command (General & Chariot), 3 Command (General & Guards), 6 Cavalry, 4 Light Cavalry, 16 Spearmen (Heavy Infantry), 12 Peltasts (Loose Order Infantry), 6 Psiloi (Skirmishers) & 1 Scythed Chariot. Please note, box does not include spears (available separately: ANC20065-50mm Wire Spears with Leaf shaped points)

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