The Hundred Kingdoms



Hundred Kingdoms: Theist priest


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1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 Command Card

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With the Orders all but muzzled, the strong ties of some Noble Houses have with the Theist Church have begun to tell. Adopting religious symbols into their military banners, these noble houses have taken up the cause of the Theist Church, or at least use religion as a stepping stone to further their own goals. Their motivation matters little to the paeneticum, and the leadership of the Theist Church has been very puick to respond to this new trend, ordaining large numbers of young nobles, thus creating strong bonds with their families. More importantly, however, it founded a series of new ordinariates, led by bishops, responsible for the pastoral care of military troops. These ordinariates were first established with the troops of their allied noble families and have proven their worth to commoner and noble alike. After all, common reason argues, even troops need their spiritual guides at their sides. Who needs to confess more than a soldier who kills, who needs their spirits strengthened more than those who face the horrors of battle and do they not have the right to have their last rites read to them? In the end, the legality of the issue matters little. The plain truth is that Theist priests openly walk the field of battle once more. Surrounded by their Sicarii and the devout while wielding the power of Theos himself through their prayers, fewer commanders inspire greater devotion and respect.