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Dr. Tumblety (Underboss)


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This contains1x Dr. Tumblety MiniaturePlease note: These models come unpainted and unassembled.

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Having mercilessly crushed the Confederacy in the recent Civil War, the full power of the North now turns its greedy eyes westward. Fuelled by the full destructive potential of stolen scientific technologies, the Union's might seem unstoppable. It seeks to defend itself against any threat that might rise up against it by crushing all those who could even pose such a menace. Without pity or compassion, the stampeding juggernaut annihilates anything in its path as it continues to consolidate an entire continent beneath its armoured boot.Dr Tumblety has long had a reputation as an eccentric madman, as characterised by his military style clothing, so who better to field some of the experimental weaponry fresh off the Union production lines.