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Mercenary Armoured Hoplites 5th to 3rd Century BC


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This boxed set contains 48 superbly detailed 28mm hard plastic miniatures. There are arm positions for thrusting or grounded spears plus a variety of sword arms. There are 48 heads wearing many styles of helmet, including Attic, Thracian, Phrygian and Pylos types. 

These figures represent Ancient Greek Hoplites of most of the City States of Greece and the Mercenaries who fought for and against the Persian Empire. They can also be used for the many Mercenary Hoplites who fought during the Peloponnesian War and for the Thessalian tyrant Jason of Pherae and the Phocians during the Sacred War – just to give you a few examples. 

Figures are 28mm sized, made of plastic and supplied unpainted.

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