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The Bandua Wargames team has been working every day since 2011 to offer our customers the best brands of miniatures and games for our hobby, with a constantly growing catalog and daily offers, for a simple, safe and best price shopping experience. From Space Marines fighting for the Emperor in the dark future of Warhammer 40,000, hordes of chaos warriors from Age of Sigmar, Roman legionnaires or German soldiers from WWII are always available in our store, but also the best brands of board games, game accessories, paint brands and comic or fantasy novel publishers have a unique space in our catalog

Welcome to what we want your home to be, welcome to Bandua Wargames… and may the dice roll a lot of 6s!

Online Miniatures Shop

Terrain, tokens and accessories for your games, everything that Bandua Wargames Terrain offers:

We have created a brand of terrain and accessories for WarGames and tabletop games that is known throughout the world, creating innovative and unique products for fans. Pre Painted Terrain, assemble it and enjoy the game. We have created a unique system with which we can offer a pre-painted terrain with a unique quality within the reach of all fans. All of our scenery is compatible with the most important rulebooks, taking into account the measurements and proportions to offer a unique gaming experience. But to put up scenery you need mats, and we have them too! We produce and design vinyl mats for all games and sizes on the market.

But who said that we are just terrain?

Accessories for painting and modeling

Thousands of fans of WarGames and modeling know our accessories and paint racks.

Store and transport miniatures? leave it to us!

The final solution to transport and store your miniatures is the Airas Box, available in different sizes and options.

Tokens, rules, accessories and more tokens…

We read each rulebook of every game, and we play for hours and hours not only because we love it, but also because we want to be able to create truly unique and useful accessories and game aids for your games.