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The Last Defense - Table Bundle


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The attack on the Last Bastion is ready. The war will end in a single combat, with warriors without any other option than win, or die. Will the Last Defense resist?

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450,00 €

Ficha técnica

Largo mm:1200
Ancho mm:1200
Alto mm:150


Bandua Wargames presents The Last DefenseA whole table pack with which you will be able to recreate wild battles on the interiors of bunkers, spaceships, and any kind of corridors with your favorite rulebooks, such as Warhammer 40K, Zone Mortalis, Necromunda, Shadow War…

The whole table, including the 120x120cm playmat (4x4ft), is fully prepainted, and ready to play. With our new prepainted terrain “Ready For Battle” you just need to assemble it and enjoy a whole table full of details and ready for playing.

All parts are designed to be extremely modular, so you will be able to create a new table for each game. With hundreds of combinations each game will be different, and you will never play the same table twice.

All of its components are designed for heroic scale, and the high walls will be enough to hide your troops and the biggest vehicles. All of it for the amazing price of 450€ (380£)

The pack includes:

-          16 walls 100mm (3.90”)

-          4 walls 150mm (5.90”)

-          4 walls 200mm (7.90”)

-          4 pillars 170mm (6.70”)

-          24 prepainted boxes 30mm (1.20”)

-          Removable playmat 120x120mm (4x4ft) Each section is 400x200mm (15.75x7.90”)

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